Upcoming Events and Information

Our new year for Zonta is just beginning.  We are planning on a wine tasting in October and will be meeting to plan our fundraisers for the rest of the year. This month is a busy month for Zonta Club of Rochester.

We are forming committees to provide our Service Grant money to Agency’s that have applied and sent in requests for our help to better their programs, so the women and children in need in our community can become stronger  and get the help needed. We are able to award funds in Grants this year, because of your help by attending and joining in on our fundraisers.  Please join us Tuesday nights for our Zonta meeting (in February) to find out who the recipients are and hear how they plan to use the grant. It truly is one of our favorite meetings. The meeting is Tuesday, February 23rd @ (location TBD). Cost $25.00 please contact Betty Kern 585-739-4244 or bettykern1@gmail.com. All are welcome to attend the meeting. I will fill you in on who the recipients are.

In the month of February, we also have our Lucky Draw Fundraiser going on. We sold 344 tickets this year a total of $1,720. So far we have had 4 payouts as of February 12th @ $20.00 each Congratulations! You could still win, we keep going until the 28th! Thank you again everyone for your support of the Lucky Draw Fundraiser.

Also this month we will be doing a service project. Zonta International and Zonta Club of Rochester is all about Service. Our service project committee is working on our agenda for the new year. We have a lot of fun doing it, but boy we have to be careful!


Lot’s to look forward to, please keep checking back!

Hope to see you at a meeting!